Core areas

    Turning, milling and grinding

    Naturally we are specialists in machining tool steel, in both its hardened and unhardened state.

    Turning, milling and grinding are some of our core areas of expertise, but we are also proficient in hardening, design, technical solutions and efficient logistics.

    CAD/CAM is a natural part of our operation. Uddeholm Machining analyses the problems and advises you on suitable solutions.

    Uddeholm has long experience of producing the world´s leading tool steel. We have every opportunity to offer the best steel for your particular application. Moreover, Uddeholm´s global network and large warehouses increase accessibility.


    Long series set high demands

    In die casting, the material has to withstand both pressure and high temperatures. In recent years Uddeholm has played a leading role in developing hot work steel to meet the stricter demands of the die casting sector.

    Long production series are common and place tough demands on tools and materials. Uddeholm Machining mainly produces clamping and holding plates, as well as pre-machined inserts. We have extensive experience of producing components that really do their job.

    Selecting a material is an important part of the process. Uddeholm Machining has the best knowledge about the best steels on the market – Uddeholm’s own steels. This is a major benefit in terms of achieving truly excellent results.

    Save time on tools

    The manufacturing industry’s tough demands on tools, along with narrow time margins, entail a continuous demand for good hot work steel.

    Uddeholm has steel specially developed to withstand the high temperatures of hot forging. This property means major improvements in strength for parts that are exposed to heat. It makes it possible to adapt the heat treatment of each part to its function.

    By working with Uddeholm Machining, you can truly save time. We can deliver hardened prefabricated pieces, finished components or even entire tools if you prefer.

    Hardwearing tools can take the strain

    There are many factors to consider when creating a tool that can take the strain of the cold working industry. When it comes to the tool itself, the most important criterion is, of course, that the steel is sufficiently hardwearing.

    Uddeholm has special steels for cold work, such as PM steels (powder) and high strength steels. Uddeholm Machining mainly produces top-class clamping and holding plates, as well as moulding-parts for cold working tools.

    Something more

    The right steel makes a big difference.

    Machinery and components are subject to extensive wear and tear in the manufacturing industry. Maintenance costs large sums of money each year. Some of these costs can be avoided by turning to Uddeholm Machining.

    We know steel and can ensure you have the right material with superior properties. This results in more efficient production, better availability and less downtime. Reliable components ultimately mean far better total economy. And what’s more, a better steel leaves you more time to focus on what you’re best at.

    Care is key

    Uddeholm Machining always works closely with its customers. We collaborate on component design. Care is fundamental. Components that are subject to great stress and strain must be manufactured with care.

    We fulfil the tough demands set by the packaging and recycling industries, for example. Uddeholm Machining also delivers to the offshore industry with its famously stringent requirements.

    At Uddeholm Machining we process components not only in tool steel material, but also in other materials such as engineering steels and stainless steel. We do the machining in materials provided by our customer, or we purchase material from our network of suppliers.

    Uddeholm Machining also works with other materials such as bronze, stellite and brass. Furthermore, we are happy to work with the customer’s own materials. This means you can always bring your projects to us.

    Hardening is an art

    To complement our core areas of turning, milling and grinding, Uddeholm Machining provides additional services such as heat treatment, surface treatment, flame cutting, water cutting and welding. Heat treatment is an art with a long tradition. We use the latest technology to achieve the best results. The majority of components produced by Uddeholm Machining are delivered in a hardened version.

    Through collaboration, Uddeholm Machining offers all types of hardening, such as:

    • vacuum heat treatment
    • conventional hardening
    • nitride hardening
    • induction hardening
    • case hardening

    Flame cutting

    The need for flame-cut sheet metal has increased. Uddeholm Machining offers flamecut and CNC machined components in material up to 300 mm thick. We can work directly from your drawings, or program customised solutions to meet your needs.

    We can also offer you services within:

    • water cutting
    • surface coating
    • painting
    • EDM
    • polishing
    • welding
    • gears and splines
    • round grinding
    • long hole drilling
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