About Uddeholm Machining

    Times is of the essence

    Saving time is crucial in industry. That’s why it pays to let someone else do part of the job. Uddeholm Machining is your partner for shortening lead times, reducing administration and improving logistics.

    We offer bespoke solutions for everything from pre-machined steel to finished components and systems. Our customers benefit from an improved production flow and higher quality – and attain the highest performance and lowest cost per unit produced.

    Uddeholm makes the world’s best tool steel. The range of products that can benefit from a high-quality tool steel is increasing all the time – our customers are from industries as diverse as tooling, packaging, offshore and recycling. Uddeholm Machining is a subsidiary of Uddeholm. Thanks to a close collaboration with Uddeholm’s research and development department, we know how to get the most from Uddeholm’s quality steel. All to make life easier for you.

    Our business

    Your business is our business. Creating value for you is creating value for ourselves.

    “Life made easier”

    We shall provide solutions based on Uddeholm Tool Steel, high quality execution and related top class services. Our customers are people making tools or using tools and people requiring high performace steel components for demanding applications. Our customers value reliability, long lasting relations and they focus on lowset cost per produced unit.

    Quality throughout the process

    Steel from Uddeholm has always been associated with quality. As a customer you can be sure that our products fulfill the requirements you set. To us, quality is not only about material properties. Quality encompasses every stage in the process, from raw material to finished product for the end user.

    Certificates Uddeholm Svenska AB (in Swedish)

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