At Uddeholm UK, our Logistics / Service Centre operation encompasses all warehouse, transport, Quality, H & S and Environment activities.

    Whether you collect your order or we deliver it to you, our aim is to get your steel to you, efficiently, professionally and quickly, with corresponding paperwork and full product traceability.

    We strive to provide the best possible service to you and constantly monitor our operations and procedures, in order to continually improve our performance.

    For information on additional services offered by our company, see the sections on:

    • Heat Treatment
    • Machining
    • Technical Consulting
    • Surface Coatings
    • Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing.

    High-quality heat treatment is a necessity in order to achieve the full potential of the tooling material. Slight changes to tempering temperatures can be the real difference when optimising resistance against common failure mechanisms and increasing overall performance.

    For your benefit, we are committed to supporting you with the most appropriate heat treatment advice and service for our high-performance steels.

    Our High-performance Steel’s (HPS) are normally delivered in the soft annealed condition, thus making it easier for our customers to manufacture components via machining processes and giving a suitable microstructure for hardening. The tool steel can then easily be heat treated according to the tool user’s specific needs.

    Uddeholm can support you with heat treatment services such as:

    • Soft annealing
    • Stress relieving
    • Hardening and tempering

    In the U.K. We use approved suppliers of heat treatment and can help you select the perfect partner based on your location and required services. We can also support with advice on the optimal treatment processing for each of our high-performance steel grades.

    Details of heat treatment can be found in our various Data Sheets, However, if you have any heat treatment queries whatsoever, please do not hesitate to Contact us.

    Extensive stocks are held by Uddeholm UK locally within our purpose built warehouse. We are equipped with automatic saws, including a specialized saw system for close tolerance multiple cut blanks.

    As well as a fully automated saw centres, machining and grinding facilities (including 6-sided machining, milling, Lumsden/Snow grinding, surface grinding, precision grinding and Manual CMM inspection for precision measurements)

    Our plant list includes;


    XYZ 2010 HR VMC – With Microloc fixture system.

    • X-Axis 2000mm
    • Y-Axis 1000mm
    • Z-Axis 800mm
    • Tolerance +/- 0.01
    • Surface finish 3.2Ra


    AMADA THV430 Twin head.

    • X-Axis 150mm
    • Y-Axis 430 mm
    • Z-Axis 430 mm
    • Tolerance +/- 0.025mm
    • Surface Finish 3.2Ra

    DAHLIH MCH800 Horizontal Borer

    • X-Axis 800mm
    • Y-Axis 900mm
    • Z-Axis 800mm
    • Tolerance +/- 0.05mm
    • Surface finish 3.2Ra

    The above are guidelines for our local capabilities, however, we are not restricted to the size of the workpiece and therefore we work with our customers on their specific requirements case by case.

    Using our group network we can support you with added machining services such as gun drilling, lifting holes and steam circuits etc…

    Contact our sales team today to see how we can support you with machining to help you reduce manufacturing lead times and costs.

    With our wealth of application knowledge and experience plus direct network and support from Uddeholm central hub in Sweden dating back almost 350 years, we have the expertise to provide you with recommendations on high-performance steel grades, treatments, applications and solutions to solve any production problems.

    Uddeholm may just be the answer you are looking for.

    See our products and applications section for additional information and/or contact our Sales Office to find your local Technical Sales Engineer who will be able to assist you with any uncertainties.

    By utilising the expertise and knowledge offered by our group company – Eifeler; Uddeholm UK is now able to support our local customer base with high-quality CVD and PVD surface coatings.

    Since 1983, Eifeler has grown to become a quality global supplier of surface coatings and technical services. Together with Eifeler, we are able to offer a specific customer solution that helps to increase production efficiency and tooling life.

    Uddeholm UK has recently launched Corrax AM powder, specifically aimed at tooling applications to fulfil specific customer needs.  This is a fit for purpose solution that was developed through our extensive know-how of the process technology. 

    Through heavy investment in R&D, we have been able to deliver the highest quality additive powder available within the market place, raising the standards of additive manufacturing.

    As well as offering high-quality powder and technical support we can also support your part printing requirements.  Call our experts for further enquiries.

    Contact us for further information
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