At Uddeholm UK we pride ourselves on providing excellent quality services for our High-performance steels. 

We have many years of experience in the steel industry and understand our customers’ production challenges and tooling needs throughout all Industries, whether its Medical/Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, or the ever-growing Automotive industry we at Uddeholm UK have got it covered.

With our know-how and global network, we can provide a technical solution for any tooling/production problem you are bound to face. At Uddeholm UK we have a saying;

“It is not just about selecting the right tool for the job, It begins with choosing the optimal material for the tool”

This is clear no matter the application whether its Moulding Plastics, Diecasting or Pressworking a tool is only as sufficient as the steel you choose and the treatment of that steel. Uddeholm UK offers a full package no matter where you are in the decision chain.

Our dedicated sales team based in Oldbury, Birmingham can provide quick turnaround quotations and support from the very beginning, helping you choose the right High-performance steel from our application based product profile to provide you with technical support on machining, heat treatment and surface coatings.


Uddeholm offer solutions to virtually all industries and applications. We offer tooling materials and procedures to maximise your total tooling economy regardless of whether you are considering quick and short, medium, or very long production series, and regardless of where in the tooling chain you are.

On top of that, you get recommendations on how to treat and machine the material so that its potential is fully utilised and the risk of tool failure is minimised. The recommendations are flexible to suit your equipment and previous experience with similar materials.

Thus, if you have had a specific problem with a certain process in the past, we could help you change the tool material and/or preparation to remedy that particular problem for the future.

We can even undertake most of the services or refer you to qualified and certified partners, to help you ensure a timely and proper tool function.

How much does downtime really cost you?

  • Do you have a failure within your tooling?
  • Would you like to increase your tooling performance?
  • Would you like a free technical consultation at your own place of work?

We are here to help you.

Our aim is simple to continue being the #1 in high-performance steel.

Contact us now to find out more information on how to arrange a free tooling consultation with one of our dedicated technical sales team.

Improve tool life with High-Performance Steel

When conventional engineering materials do not give you the performance you want, tool steel can be the answer. If you are designing something subject to heavy loads, heavy wear, corrosion or high temperatures, High-Performance Steel could be the answer you are looking for. Our HPS-materials offer superior property combinations to help you achieve a high-performance solution.

Choosing the right material is an important decision to make.  For the component user, it could mean the difference between success and failure.  For the component manufacturer, it is a matter of overall economy, operational stability and a competitive edge.

Uddeholm offers not only HPS-materials but also knowledge and experience to help you make the right decisions.  Backed by extensive research and development facilities, our experts will gladly guide you in the selection, heat treatment, machining and welding of HPS-materials

Quite simply “it pays to go for a better steel”

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