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Uddeholm Corrax


Uddeholm Corrax is a precipitation hardening steel with extremely good corrosion resistance and easy to heat treat. It is used both as mould material and engineering material. <ul> <li>Good corrosion resistance for moulding of corrosive plastics</li> <li>With an easy heat treatment a higher hardness can be achieved with predictable dimensional change</li> <li>No need for preheating at welding</li> <li>Easier to grind and polish as no EDM layer is present</li> </ul>
  • Extremely good corrosion resistance
  • Flexible hardness at ageing
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Uniformity of properties
  • Very good weldability
  • No EDM layer

Uddeholm Corrax

  • Corrosion resistance 100%
  • Wear resistance 50%
  • Polishability 70%
  • Toughness 70%
Chemical composition
Carbon .03 Silicon .3 Manganese .3
Chrome 12 Molybdenum 1.4 Nickel 9.2
Aluminium 1.6
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