Uddeholm QRO 90 Supreme


With its outstanding thermal fatigue resistance, thermal conductivity and temper back resistance Uddeholm QRO 90 Supreme excels as a tool steels where tools tempers down quickly to lower hardness. In applications such as hot stamping, brass forging, die casting core inserts and brass extrusion.
  • Excellent high temperature strength and hot hardness
  • Very good temper resistance
  • Unique resistance to thermal fatigue
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Good toughness and ductility in longitudinal and transverse directions
  • Uniform machinability
  • Good heat treatment properties

Uddeholm QRO 90 Supreme

  • Hot wear resistance 55%
  • Plastic deformation resistance 60%
  • Heat checking resistance 80%
  • Premature cracking resistance 35%

Reference Grade Hot Work (H13)

  • Hot wear resistance 40%
  • Plastic deformation resistance 40%
  • Heat checking resistance 40%
  • Premature cracking resistance 35%
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Chemical composition
Carbon 0.38 Silicon 0.30 Manganese 0.80
Chromium 2.60 Molybdenum 2.30 Vanadium 0.90
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