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Uddeholm Sleipner


Uddeholm Sleipner is a high alloyed tool steel with a very broad property profile. It is also a very good steel for all types of surface treatments. This combination means that Uddeholm Sleipner is an extremely versatile conventional tool steel for medium run cold work tooling. In East/South East Asian countries served by Assab, Uddeholm Sleipner is sold as Assab 88. <ul> <li>Good wear resistance</li> <li>Good chipping resistance</li> <li>High hardness (&gt; 63 HRC) after high temperature tempering</li> <li>Good dimensional consistency in heat treatment</li> <li>Good machinability and grindability</li> <li>Good surface treatment properties</li> </ul>
  • Good wear resistance
  • Good chipping resistance
  • High hardness (> 63 HRC) after high temperature tempering
  • Good through hardening properties
  • Good dimensional consistency in heat treatment
  • Very good dimensional stability in service
  • Good machinability and grindability
  • Good surface treatment properties
  • Reduced risk of cracking during wire EDM

Uddeholm Sleipner

  • Abrasive wear resistance 55%
  • Adhesive wear resistance 65%
  • Ductility/edge chipping resistance 30%
  • Toughness/gross cracking resistance 45%
  • Hardness (HRC) max 64%

Reference grade Cold Work (D2)

  • Abrasive wear resistance 55%
  • Adhesive wear resistance 25%
  • Ductility/edge chipping resistance 20%
  • Toughness/gross cracking resistance 10%
  • Hardness (HRC) max 62%
Chemical composition
Carbon .9 Silicon .9 Manganese .5
Chrome 7.8 Molybdenum 2.5 Vanadium .5
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