Cold Work Applications

    When it comes to cold work, any tool steel fit for the job needs to be sturdy. Common failure mechanisms are wear galling, chipping and cracking. As in any other tool steel application, optimal tooling economy – the lowest cost per produced part – can only be achieved by choosing the right tool steel for the job.

    The performance of a tool steel is often measured by the quality of the parts it produces. While it is true that higher quality tool steel leads to better results, it is also wise to consider other aspects of tool production, such as machinability and surface treatment. Uddeholm offers a selection of cold work tool steel engineered to counter any failure mechanism that may arise when performing heavy-duty cold work, such as cold forming, blanking and coining.

    The cleaner the steel, the better the results. Uddeholm’s electro slag remelted (ESR) and powder metallurgy (PM) steel grades are among the purest on the market and will give you unparallelled results in terms of tool performance, tool life and predictability.

    Uddeholm Cold Work Tool Steel Applications

    All tool steel for Cold Work Applications

    Uddeholm Arne
    Uddeholm Caldie
    Uddeholm Calmax
    Uddeholm Rigor
    Uddeholm Sleipner
    Uddeholm Sverker 3
    Uddeholm Sverker 21
    Uddeholm Unimax
    Uddeholm Vancron SuperClean
    Uddeholm Viking
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