Uddeholm Nimax ESR

Uddeholm Nimax ESR is an ESR remelted version of Uddeholm Nimax, keeping the features of Uddeholm Nimax, but with improved cleanliness and homogeneity as a result of the ESR process.
  • Excellent polishing and etching properties
  • Excellent machinability reduces the manufacturing time
  • Easy weldability, as no preheating or post treatment necessary
  • Good resistance to indentations and a minimum risk for unexpected failures, because of the high hardness in combination with a high toughness
  • Safe mould and a prolonged tool life.
Examples of applications for Uddeholm Nimax ESR:
  • Automotive:              Head and rear light, Large interior parts
  • White goods:             Control panels
  • Electronic:                LED TV frames
  • Excellent polishing and texturing properties
  • Excellent machinability
  • Very good welding properties
  • Good resistance against indentations
  • High impact and fracture toughness
  • Consistent properties through large sections

Uddeholm Nimax ESR

  • Corrosion resistance 20%
  • Wear resistance 40%
  • Polishability 90%
  • Toughness 100%
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Chemical composition
Carbon 0.10 Silicon 0.30 Manganese 2.50
Chromium 3.00 Molybdenum 0.30 Nickel 1.00
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