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Uddeholm Ramax HH


Uddeholm Ramax HH is a corrosion resistant holder steel with good machinability, supplied in a high prehardened condition. Good machinability and corrosion resistance reduces tool manufacturing and maintenance costs. <ul> <li>Low mould production cost thanks to low wear of the cutting edges in the milling and drilling operations and shorter machining time thanks to increased cutting speed possible.</li> <li>Lower mould maintenance costs due to corrosion resistance</li> <li>Lower production costs since water cooling channels are less effected by corrosion, ensuring consistent cycle time</li> </ul>
  • Good machinability
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Uniform hardness in all dimensions
  • Good indention resistance

Uddeholm Ramax HH

  • Corrosion resistance 70%
  • Wear resistance 40%
  • Polishability 40%
  • Toughness 30%
Chemical composition
Carbon .12 Silicon .2 Manganese 1.3
Chrome 13.4 Molybdenum .5 Nickel 1.6
Vanadium .2 Sulphur .1 Nitrogene +N
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