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<div class="intro">Uddeholm Idun is the world’s first patented corrosion resistant tool holder steel. It is delivered in pre-hardened condition and provides the possibility to start machining the finished part directly.</div> <div> Uddeholm Idun shares the superior qualities that always accompany the members of the Uddeholm Tool Holder Concept – meeting your requirements on durability while still being good to machine. With Uddeholm Idun we offer you even more: a possibility to change the game. A corrosion resistant steel grade that is delivered in pre-hardened condition. Uddeholm Idun allows you to skip the long and costly process of hardening, surface treatment and the transportation in between that is normally required with standard materials. A safe and reliable fast forward button to your finished product. It shortens tool making lead time and improves tool holder durability. It is e.g. perfect for custom made tool holders. <ul> <li>Corrosion resistant</li> <li>Big savings in time and money</li> <li>Environmentally friendly</li> </ul> </div>
  • First corrosion resistant tool holder grade on the market
  • Delivered in pre-hardened condition
  • No heat treatment or nickel coating needed
  • Good machinability
  • To replace standard tool holder materials
  • Health benefits – no nickel handling
Chemical composition
Carbon .205 Silicon .90 Manganese .45
Chrome 13.5 Molybdenum .20 Nickel .60
Vanadium .25 Aluminium .017 Nitrogene .105
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