Uddeholm Sverker 3


Uddeholm Sverker 3 is a high alloyed tool steel suitable for medium and long run tooling in applications where a very good abrasive wear resistance is needed. Uddeholm Sverker 3 contains large carbides which are advantageous for abrasive wear resistance but which reduce the chipping resistance. In East/South East Asian countries served by Assab, Uddeholm Sverker 3 is sold as AS XW-5.

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long tool life
  • Maximum abrasive wear resistance
  • Good tooling economy when abrasive wear is an issue


  • Uddeholm Sverker 3 is a tool steel offering good tooling economy for medium run tooling when the cost of the tool is a significant portion of the total cost for producing the required number of parts
  • Uddeholm Sverker 3 is very useful in applications with very high demands on abrasive wear but where demands on chipping resistance¬†is small, e.g. for the blanking of electrical sheets containing hard silicon oxide particles, slitting of paper and foils
  • Uddeholm Sverker 3 is a tool steel with good tooling economy for medium to long run tooling in special applications where a very high abrasive wear resistance is needed
  • The coarse carbides make Uddeholm Sverker 3 particularly suitable for applications where the wear is created by coarse abrasive particles as in brick pressing, tile pressing, and in the compacting of ceramic materials in general
  • Very high wear resistance (abrasive type wear profile)
  • High hardness and compressive strength
  • Good hardenability
  • Good stability in hardening
  • Good resistance to tempering back

Uddeholm Sverker 3

  • Abrasive wear resistance 85%
  • Adhesive wear resistance 10%
  • Ductility edge chipping resistance 10%
  • Toughness gross cracking resistance 10%

Reference grade Cold Work (D2)

  • Abrasive wear resistance 55%
  • Adhesive wear resistance 25%
  • Ductility/edge chipping resistance 20%
  • Toughness/gross cracking resistance 10%
  • Hardness (HRC) max 62%
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Chemical composition
C 2.05 Si 0.30 Mn 0.80
Cr 12.70 W 1.10
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