Cold Work Applications

    When it comes to cold work, any tool steel fit for the job needs to be sturdy. Common failure mechanisms are wear galling, chipping and cracking. As in any other tool steel application, optimal tooling economy – the lowest cost per produced part – can only be achieved by choosing the right tool steel for the job.

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    Hot Work Applications

    The applications you find in hot work are some of the most demanding in the manufacturing environment. Uddeholm has been helping customers in these application areas for many years such as High pressure die casting (HPDC), Forging, Press hardening/hot stamping and Extrusion.

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    Plastic Molding

    Plastic Molding is a part of our everyday lives. Car parts, mobile phones, spectacles, computer chassis are all manufactured by molds. However the materials needed to make these molds often require unique and demanding characteristics. This is why it is crucial to select the correct steel grade for your specific mold.

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    Additive Manufacturing

    As a new and flexible way to produce parts, additive manufacturing offers new possibilities for the optimization of design and properties. Toolings are an optimal application for additive manufacturing with high demands, short series and an ever increasing demand for short lead times.

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    Food Processing

    Safe, efficient production with minimal downtime is paramount in the international food processing industry. A demand that Uddeholm’s unique product offering can meet.

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    Material Solutions for Engineering

    In many cases, conventional engineering and stainless steel provides an inadequate solution considering the demands companies are facing regarding efficiency and productivity. A high proportion of unnecessary costs can be avoided by choosing a steel grade with better material properties.

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    Medical Industry

    The medical industry faces consistent demands for high and consistent product quality, production reliability and traceability. Selecting an Uddeholm tool steel that handles demanding materials and reduces the need for tool maintenance will ensure that production keeps going.

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    Hand Knives

    Uddeholm is the world leader in the development and production of premium tool steel for the manufacturing industry. Products used in your everyday life – like your car, dishwasher or lawn mower – all contain parts that have been cut out and formed using tools made from Uddeholm steel.

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