Hand Knives

Uddeholm is the world leader in the development and production of premium tool steel for the manufacturing industry. Products used in your everyday life – like your car, dishwasher or lawn mower – all contain parts that have been cut out and formed using tools made from Uddeholm steel.

Stringent modern demands on productivity and the cutting of difficult and hard work materials, have inspired us to develop the best tool steel in the world. If we can improve tool performance in the most demanding industrial applications, imagine what it can do for your knife blade performance.

Uddeholm has state-of-the-art steel making facilities. Among them is one of the world’s most modern plants for powder metallurgical steel, where the steel making process is a triple update from standard levels. That’s why we call our PM grades SuperClean. For knife manufacturers, it means steel that enables sharper edges, tougher blades and trouble-free production with excellent grinding and polishing properties.

Uddeholm Component Business Knife

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