Plastic Molding Tool Steel

    Plastic molding requires unique properties from the tool material. At Uddeholm we have very good knowledge of the challenges from the plastic molding industry. With these challenges in mind we have developed our tool materials with features like:

    • Corrosion resistance
    • Wear resistance
    • Polishability
    • Toughness

    A material with the right combination of features makes your tools perform longer and createmore profit for your business.

    Uddeholm Plastic Moulding Tool Steel

    Plastic Molding Tool Steel

    Alumec 89
    Uddeholm Compax Supreme
    Uddeholm Corrax
    Uddeholm Elmax SuperClean
    Uddeholm Holdax
    Uddeholm Impax Supreme
    Uddeholm Mirrax 40
    Uddeholm Mirrax ESR
    Uddeholm Nimax
    Uddeholm Nimax ESR
    Uddeholm Orvar Supreme
    Uddeholm Polmax
    Uddeholm Ramax HH
    Uddeholm Rigor
    Uddeholm RoyAlloy
    Uddeholm Stavax ESR
    Uddeholm Tyrax ESR
    Uddeholm Unimax
    Uddeholm Vanax SuperClean
    Uddeholm Vidar 1 ESR
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