The Art of Long Production Series - Choose the right die material for High Pressure Die Casting

    Foundries all over the world are working to a system that enables the production of a specified amount
    of requested casted products to their customer. The production series of these products are set at an
    early stage and determines the amount of the order. 100 000 identical cast parts can be ordered and
    the total cost is a direct impact of the amount of tools desired to fulfil the quota of 100 000 parts. A
    premium tool steel for high pressure die casting has potential to fulfil a 100 000 quota. This mindset,
    brings value of die economy in minimized tooling and downtime cost, foundries would benefit from
    adopting this mindset when selecting a die tool steel and not the single die cost. We will discuss what
    actions can be considered in the HPDC industry so the correct die steel is selected to solve the most
    costly problem in the supply chain. The focus will be on HPDC industry which is the main market for
    Uddeholm but the principles apply to all hot applications.

    This article was written by:
    Sebastian Sivertsen, Application Manager Hot Work materials at Uddeholm (2020)

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