Uddeholm Sverker 21


    Uddeholm Sverker 21 is a high alloyed tool steel suitable for medium run tooling in applications where primarily a good resistance to abrasive wear is required. The 12-% chromium steel is the most common tool steel type used for cold work tooling. In East/South East Asian countries served by Assab, Uddeholm Sverker 21 is sold as Assab XW-41 or Assab XW-42.

    Uddeholm Sverker 21 is a premium grade close to W. No. 1.2379. Thanks to the production method, it has a more consistent microstructure, giving it improved mechanical properties and tooling performance compared to the standard grade.

    • High wear resistance resulting in long tool life in applications where wear is the main problem
    • Good compressive strength for general cold work applications


    • Uddeholm Sverker 21 is a tool steel offering good tooling economy for medium run tooling when the cost of the tool is a significant portion of the total cost for producing the required number of parts
    • Uddeholm Sverker 21 is very useful in applications with high demands on abrasive wear but where demands on chipping resistance are less pronounced. Pressing of abrasive work materials, blanking of thin work materials in general, back-up and punch holder plates are examples
    • As Uddeholm Sverker 21 is the most common tool steel type for cold work tooling, the size programme is more extensive than for most of the other cold work steel grades
    • High wear resistance (mixed-abrasive type wear profile)
    • Good compressive strength
    • Good through hardening properties
    • Good stability in hardening
    • Good resistance to tempering back
    • Sustainable tool steel: 93,96% recycled content

    Uddeholm Sverker 21

    • Abrasive wear resistance 55%
    • Adhesive wear resistance 25%
    • Ductility edge chipping resistance 20%
    • Toughness gross cracking resistance 10%

    Reference grade Cold Work (D2)

    • Abrasive wear resistance 55%
    • Adhesive wear resistance 25%
    • Ductility/edge chipping resistance 20%
    • Toughness/gross cracking resistance 10%
    • Hardness (HRC) max 62%
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    Chemical composition
    C 1.55 Si 0.30 Mn 0.40
    Cr 11.30 Mo 0.80 V 0.80
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