flow filter V


    Nozzle filters are used to prevent contamination from the plastic melt causing blockages or interruptions to the injection process. These contaminates can cause damage to hot runner systems resulting in extended downtime and increased maintenance costs.

    The design of the voestalpine flow filter V capitalizes on the unique capabilities of 3D printing to integrate a high density solid mesh filter into a standard form factor, delivering improved performance over traditional injection molding nozzle filters.

    This configuration of in-line filter helps prevent feed blockages caused by material impurities, such as those encountered when processing recycled materials while minimizing overall pressure drop.


    • Trouble-free injection molding
    • Minimal increase in injection pressure
    • Lower energy consumption
    • Lower maintenance and downtime costs
    • Better part quality
    • Easy cleaning
    • Long lifetime

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    • Extremely low pressure drop
    • Very low shear stress
    • Small mesh size
    • Very large filtration area
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Wear resistant
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