Material for Engineering

    In many cases, conventional engineering and stainless steel provide an inadequate solution considering the demands companies are facing regarding efficiency and productivity. A high proportion of unnecessary costs can be avoided by choosing a steel grade with better material properties.

    We are happy to be able to supply the Uddeholm product range in applications and components other than the traditional tool steel business, where the product characteristics of our steel lead to less downtime, lower maintenance costs and optimised design. They also contribute to enhanced performance and optimal overall economy.

    Typical engineering components can be found in any industry where there are high demands on properties such as wear resistance, strength, corrosion and heat resistance. Examples of these components are shafts, different types of rolls and knives, screws, nozzles, wheels and pumps.

    Material for Engineering

    Uddeholm Arne
    Uddeholm Bure
    Uddeholm Caldie
    Uddeholm Calmax
    Uddeholm Corrax
    Uddeholm Dievar
    Uddeholm Elmax SuperClean
    Uddeholm Formvar
    Uddeholm Idun
    Uddeholm Impax Supreme
    Uddeholm Mirrax 40
    Uddeholm Mirrax ESR
    Uddeholm Orvar 2 Microdized
    Uddeholm Orvar Supreme
    Uddeholm QRO 90 Supreme
    Uddeholm Ramax HH
    Uddeholm Rigor
    Uddeholm Skolvar
    Uddeholm Sleipner
    Uddeholm Stavax ESR
    Uddeholm Sverker 3
    Uddeholm Sverker 21
    Uddeholm Tyrax ESR
    Uddeholm UHB 11
    Uddeholm Unimax
    Uddeholm Vanax SuperClean
    Uddeholm Vancron SuperClean
    Uddeholm Vidar 1
    Uddeholm Vidar Superior
    Uddeholm Viking
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