AM Services

Uddeholm UK  offer a wide range of services to be able to meet the specific needs of our customers including:

• Reverse engineering
• Design and simulation
• Conformal cooling optimization
• Printing in range of powder materials suitable for tooling applications
• Topology design
• Porous inserts / Controlled venting
• Heat treatment
• Machining
• Polishing
• Coatings

Our aim is to offer a full turnkey solution in the process and manufacture of customer parts. Please contact our experts for free consultation and quotation

Introducing High Quality Powders

Uddeholm has set out to produce one new powder per year. The goal is to bring high quality powders to the market, focusing on tooling applications. With our customers in mind, our experts travel the world to gather the properties required from the users of the tools and the manufacturers of the parts. These properties can include, corrosion resistance for conformal water channels, good wear resistance, lower weight and less material usage, Excellent polishability, Temper back resistance and Hot strength to name only a few.

So far you can expect these properties from our most recent developments of powder: AM Corrax and AM Heatvar.

Do you have a requirement? We want to hear from you…. Speak to our experts to see how we can support a better business for you.

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