August 2017, Uddeholm UK Technical Seminar - Malta.

    Uddeholm UK’s Divisional manager Ryan Moore and Technical/Quality Manager Paul Harvey held the seminar at the University of Malta. The seminar had a very good turnout with 100+ people on the day.  This was made up of students, customers, potential new customers, another University master and Malta chamber of commerce.

    Seminar topics included; Uddeholm History and today, New products and services, Additive Manufacturing, Application areas such as Plastic Moulding, Cold work and Component Business.

    Uddeholm Divisional Manager Ryan Moore says;

    “The technical seminar was a huge success with an excellent turnout. Uddeholm UK really values the custom and relationships that have been built over the years with our contacts in Malta. We look to continue supporting their industry and tooling needs in every way possible”.

    Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the University of Malta for allowing us to hold our technical seminar. We appreciate the turnout and interest from all those involved.

    Uddeholm UK Divisional Manager Ryan Moore, Presenting to 100+ Participants on Additive Manufacturing.

    Paul Harvey (Technical/ Quality Manager) Presenting on application areas such as Cold work, Plastic moulding and component business.

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