Medical Industry

Uddeholm Tool Steel Solution for Medical Industry

The medical industry faces consistent demands for high and consistent product quality, production reliability and traceability. Selecting a tool steel that handles demanding materials and reduces the need for tool maintenance will ensure that production keeps going and the right tool Selection for your application is just the first step. The correct design, treatment and use will add additional tool life and productivity. So, we offer our customers a one-stop-service for tool steel, heat treatment and PVD-coating. Uddeholm steel for medical industry can increase tool life by solving failure issues of the challenging and high demanding medical industry.

Oxygen Mask Made of the Uddeholm Tool Steel

Uddeholm One Stop Shop Solution for Medical Industry

Medical forging is one of the most challenging markets for tool steel because of

  • High standards for the finished products
  • Overall die life is extremely low as demanding alloys being forged
  • Inconel, Titanium, Waspaloy, Stainless & other hard to process materials

Some of these materials require high press forces and combined with high temperatures and prolonged contact time this can lead to massively reduced production runs.

A mould made out of the steel by Uddeholm for Medical Forging Application

Polymer technology has advanced to a stage where conventional tool steels struggle to cope with increased demands. So, Uddeholm tool steel for medical industry has the answers to these demands.

Whether its higher abrasive wear resistance, increased toughness, better resistance to corrosion or conformally cooled inserts using additive manufacturing, uddeholm is here to offer a technical solution.

Uddeholm provides plastic tooling solutions for the dies and mould


High volume production requires consistency and reliability. Minutes of downtime can result in major cost implications to production lines. At Uddeholm, we pride ourselves on the quality of our steel and the subsequent benefits this offers to our customers.

Increasing tool life, decreasing maintenance periods and removing post processing such as coatings can deliver significant savings to our customers.

Uddeholm Tool Steel for Medical Pill Manufacturing

The automation of process within the medical sector can present a multitude of challenges. Reliable steel selection can ensure reduce downtime and maintenance so that related costs are kept to a minimum.

Speak to your Uddeholm technical expert about your process and they will assess any potential improvements in steel selection.

Uddeholm Tool Steel for Medical Automation

Vacuum Heat Treatment

The correct heat treatment of a tool can have significant impact on its performance and tool life. So, ensure you get the most out of your investment by using our inhouse vacuum Heat Treatment solution.

PVD Coating

Applying a PVD coating to the right tool steel can add both new properties to the tool or component or enhance them. Through our inhouse PVD coating solution, we offer state of the art equipment, broad range of PVD coatings, exceptional lead times and expertise.

Additive Manufacturing (AM), popularly known as 3D metal printing, is one of the most innovative and revolutionary manufacturing methods we see today.

Additive manufacture opens up a world of possibilities which were previously not possible using conventional methods.

High thermal coefficient materials can often be banned for medical use. So,  Uddeholm Corrax AM is our solution, offering medical grade stainless steel which can be hardened to 51HRC, ensuring the highest possible wear resistance

For decades we have been recognized as a global leader in the manufacture and the supply of high-performance tool steels for the plastic injection molding (PIM) industry, as a result we understand the unique production challenges our customers face.

Customer intimacy and technical understanding are essential factors when developing successful additive manufacturing solutions, as a result our attention to detail goes far beyond 3D printing.

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