Vaccuum Heat Treatment Machine Installed in the Khopoli Plant of voestalpine High Performance Metals India

Heat Treatment

Imparting soul to steel

High quality heat treatment service is necessity to achieve full potential of the Uddeholm tooling material. The heat treatment service for Uddeholm tool steel improves resistance against common failure mechanisms and increases overall performance. For your benefit, we are committed to supporting you with the most appropriate service.

Uddeholm heat treatment services like

  • High pressure vacuum heat treatment – Our vacuum heat treatment process helps you achieve higher strength of material, better wear resistance and improved corrosive behavior of the components.
  • Cryogenic treatment – The process is not just a surface treatment but it affects the entire mass of the tool or component being treated, making it stronger throughout.
  • Stress relieving – Stress Relieving is the process which is carried out to remove the mechanically induced stress. It should be performed twice to get maximum benefit, once after rough machining and then again before semi-finish machining.

It’s very important to have the right heat treatment done based on application, for achieving optimum tool life from good tool steel. We follow global standards for our heat treatment process; Our engineers are well trained in India and abroad. We heat treat Tool steels and Special steels for variety application.

The Heat Treatment facilities are located at West India – Khopoli, South India – Chennai, North India – Greater Noida.

All our equipment and process are periodically validated and calibrated. We deliver as package of steel tool and heat treatment with the right tooling solution. We render good technical and logistics support to customers for tool life improvement. 

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