Uddeholm rewarded with Sustainability Award

Uddeholm rewarded with Sustainability AwardWe are happy and proud to announce that Uddeholm has received this year’s Sustainability Award at the Schaeffler Supplier Day!

The event took place at Schaeffler Headquarters with guests from over 50 suppliers. Furthermore, it has been live streamed to additional 700 participants worldwide.

Schaeffler is very impressed by the pace and targets of Uddeholm when it comes to sustainability. Not only CO2 emissions but also when it comes to water use, diversity, etc. It is very much in line with their supply chain strategy.

Max Odernheimer, Head of Strategic Marketing, Uddeholm Germany, received the award at the event.

“Accepting this award for the Uddeholm Team makes me proud in two ways: First of all, it is a strong appreciation for the commitment and actions of the mill toward a climate neutral steel production. Congratulations! In addition, it is a success story of customer intimacy and targeted marketing which made it possible to place our message at the top management of a global operating group.

To get this award from the Schaeffler group is a great honor for us. They are not only one of our biggest customers in Germany but also a company that is named one of the 50 sustainability and climate leaders by the United Nations. Sustainability and climate neutrality were the all-determining topics of the supplier day and there was no doubt that reducing CO2 emissions will be a key buying factor in the near future. Good to know that Uddeholm is on track!”, says Max Odernheimer.

The reason for the award and the laudation was:

Outstanding sustainability concept with already fossil free electricity for their steelworks. The sustainability factor played a central role in the further development of Uddeholm Steelworks. The investment and research are paying off and are – in our view – quite respectable: 100% of the electricity required in the steelworks already comes from fossil-free, Scandinavian electricity generation. Keep up the good work!

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