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    Launch of Uddeholm Dievar for additive manufacturing

    Uddeholm continues to invest in research and development of high-quality powder steel for additive manufacturing. To our portfolio of AM products, including Uddeholm Corrax for plastic molding and Uddeholm Vanadis 4 Extra for cold work, we can now add Uddeholm Dievar – a powder steel for additive manufacturing that is well suited for hot work applications such as high pressure die casting. Thus, we can now proudly offer AM in all our product areas.

    So why Uddeholm Dievar?

    • It is a proven product for high pressure die casting
    • AM inserts with thin walls desire toughness, thus the customer gets longer production series

    Uddeholm Dievar is a premium steel developed for the demanding application of high pressure casting. Dievar is the industry benchmark for a high performance steel for the longest tool life due to its superior toughness and ductility. Apart from die casting it has proven itself as a great tool steel for other applications such as forging, extrusion and hot stamping.

    We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been involved in the development of our new product and who has made this possible!


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