For Longer Replacement Life

    High Performance Core Pins and Sub Inserts for High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) application

    We provide tailor made Uddeholm high performance core pins and sub inserts for high pressure die casting application. They are manufactured considering the customer pain points of onsite failures and high performance demand

    They come with high performance Vacuum Heat Treatment and DUPLEX-TIGRAL PVD Coating which is the proven solution in high pressure die casting industry worldwide.

    They can achieve an out-standing hardness level with much better toughness and longer life than the standard ones.


    • Higher hardness (up to 52 HRC)
    • Higher toughness/ductility
    • Improved thermal conductivity
    • Improved wear resistance
    • Reduced soldering

    Technical Data

    Material Uddeholm QRO 90 Supreme
    Hot work tool steel
    Core & Surface Hardness 50 – 52 HRC
    PVD Coating DUPLEX-TIGRAL 3500 HV
    Cooling Spot Cooling
    Conformal Cooling



    High Performance Core Pins and Sub Inserts for HPDC

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