Uddeholm has 2488 Olympic medals already

During the Summer Olympic Games in Rio, Uddeholm delivers the special steel for tools that characterize all of 2488 Olympic medals.

Just under 11,000 athletes from over 200 nations will compete for 812 gold, 812 silver and 864 bronze medals. The medals were minted in Brazil with high-quality coining tools of special steel from Uddeholm AB.

Coining tools must meet extremely high quality standards, especially as regards the strength and workability. The medals for the 2016 Olympics have on the one hand, the Greek goddess of victory Nike, Panathinaikosstadion and the Acropolis, and on the other hand the Games logo, framed by laurel leaves.

– With a solid work, our team in Brazil demonstrated the benefits of using Uddeholm steel for this type of application, said Adam Steorn, Regional Sales Manager Americas, Uddeholm.

The medal is in itself a victory in sustainability. Silver and bronze medals consist of 30 percent recycled materials. The embossing is done by the renowned Brazilian minting plant Brazilian Mint.

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