Uddeholm Impax Supreme


    Uddeholm Impax Supreme is prehardened mould steel with very good polishing and photo etching properties. It is suitable for a wide range of injection moulds, blow moulds and extrusion dies for plastic. Uddeholm Impax Supreme is supplied at 290-330 HB. In east/south east asian countries served by Assab, Uddeholm Impax Supreme is sold as AS 718 Supreme.

    • Prehardened gives following benefits:
      • No hardening risks
      • No hardening costs
      • Time saving, e.g. no waiting for heat treatment
      • Lower tool cost (e.g. no distortion to rectify)
      • Modifications easily carried out
    • Can be subsequently nitrided to increase surface wear resistance or locally flame hardened to reduce surface damage
    • Good polishing and photo-etching properties
    • Good machinability
    • High purity and good homogeneity
    • Uniform hardness
    • Sustainable tool steel: 96,44% recycled content

    Uddeholm Impax Supreme

    • Corrosion resistance 20%
    • Wear resistance 30%
    • Toughness 90%
    • Polishability 60%
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    Chemical composition
    C 0.37 Si 0.30 Mn 1.40
    Cr 2.00 Mo 0.20 Ni 1.00
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