More than 400 years ago we forged our own tools, using the same basic technique that is still used today. This is where Uddeholm’s story began. What was once a matter of human power behind a hammer strike is now one of the ultimate precision and leading-edge technology.

We didn’t get here by chance. We got here thanks to knowledge and experience; drive and desire; and the result of many years of research and development. Our commitment to finding customized opportunities, and our ability to offer a complete solution for every new challenge. Uddeholm makes tool steel with high purity, high toughness and excellent heat resistance for forging. No one has managed to combine these properties better. This means a longer tool life and a lower overall cost. Quite simply, it pays to go for a better steel.

By welcoming a new member of the Uddeholm product programme, we can now offer our customers an even more complete solution for hot forging. Whatever the needs are. Uddeholm Formvar is highly suitable for forging applications, particularly press forging, thanks to its good resistance to hot wear and plastic deformation. This steel grade is a strong upgrade from H13 type material because of its added benefits for longer tool life.


Uddeholm Hot Work Applications - Forging

All tool steel for Forging

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