Servicio de mecanizado 4 / 6 caras

Toolmakers usually have to machine their steels in order to adjust to the correct measure of the design. Our centers located in Badalona and Zamudio offer a 4 and 6 side machining service with a standard tolerance of -2/+0.2mm.

We also have fine machining stock: Uddeholm steel grades already machined and ready to be used, a real problem solver! Download our Uddeholm Fine Machining brochure.

If you want more information, our sales team will gladly inform you about the specfics.

BADALONA +34 934 601 227

ZAMUDIO +34 944 521 303


Uddeholm offers a broad range of machining services

Modern tool steels tend to be more and more complicated to machine by a cutting tool. Costs related to machining are often the major part of the total production cost for a tool. Using a single service provider like Uddeholm reduces lead-time and increases productivity.

We offer a broad range of flexible customer-adapted machining solutions designed to reduce your consumption of resources whether it is time, money or skilled people in production and planning.

Our machining services extend the possibilities for increased value by offering a range of solutions from black steel to finished components. We also offer machining recommendations for all our steel grades.

You can always consult our APP: Uddeholm Machining Guideline.

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