Fine blanking

Fine blanking technology was initially used mainly in the watch and clock industry but nowadays more than 60% of fine blanked parts are used in the automotive industry. In a car, they are a guarantee that the safety belt, the brake system or the the airbag is working properly. Consequently, fine blanked parts play a major role for the safety in our daily lives. The demands on the tool steel are enormous and often close to its limits.

In order to choose the optimal solution for a fine blanked part, you will need a toolmaker with specialist expertise and long experience. Complicated parts with extreme demands on precision entail big challenges. The smallest disturbance can bring production to a halt. In short, nothing must go wrong.

The most striking feature of fine blanking is the smoothly cut edges and the higher precision of the finished part. The advantage is that the part can fulfill its functions directly without any additional finishing, which is not the case with normally stamped parts. In order to obtain the quality and precision of the fine blanked part, using a high performance tooling material is crucial as the tool is very complex with high precision and often PVD coated. Due to the often large investment in tooling and surface coating, there is no room for compromises when it comes to the selection of tool steel. Choosing the right steel reduces your maintenance cost. A more predictable tooling performance allows you to plan your maintenance and avoid unplanned stops. Less down time means higher productivity.

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