Uddeholm Formvar


Uddeholm Formvar is a high performance hot work tool steel which offers a very good resistance to hot wear and plastic deformation. It is a solid upgrade choice especially from H13 and H11 forging tools on the market.
  • With good tempering back resistance and hot yield strength, Uddeholm Formvar will ensure increased tool life over H13/H11 dies. This gives a longer tool life and reduced maintenance and tooling costs.
  • Good temper resistance
  • Good high-temperature strength
  • Excellent hardenability
  • Good dimensional stability throughout heat treatment and coating operations.

Uddeholm Formvar

  • 45%
  • 45%
  • 70%
  • 45%

Reference Grade Hot Work (H13)

  • Hot wear resistance 40%
  • Plastic deformation resistance 40%
  • Heat checking resistance 40%
  • Premature cracking resistance 35%
Chemical composition
Carbon 0.35 Silicon 0.2 Manganese 0.5
Chromium 5 Molybdenum 2.3 Vanadium 0.6
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