Uddeholm Corrax


    Uddeholm Corrax is a precipitation hardening steel with extremely good corrosion resistance and easy to heat treat. It is used both as mould material and engineering material.

    • Good corrosion resistance for moulding of corrosive plastics
    • With an easy heat treatment a higher hardness can be achieved with predictable dimensional change
    • No need for preheating at welding

    Uddeholm Corrax is the pioneering printing material for high demands and efficient design. The work of the best metallurgists and field specialists in the world has resulted in the superior solution for challenging shapes and complex demands. Uddeholm Corrax is the first AM-powder developed specifically for tooling. Tool steel from Uddeholm is a quality guarantee that increases productivity and lowers maintenance costs.

    • First AM-powder made for tooling
    • Optimized moulds
    • Longer tool life
    • Increased productivity
    • Extremely good corrosion resistance
    • Good dimensional stability
    • Uniformity of properties
    • Very good weldability
    • No EDM layer
    • Flexible hardness 34–50 HRC
    • Ageing treatment 425–600°C (790–1110°F)
    • Extremely good homogeneity
    • Extremely good polishability
    • Easy to process by AM technologies

    Uddeholm Corrax

    • Corrosion resistance 95%
    • Wear resistance 50%
    • Polishability 70%
    • Toughness 70%
    Chemical composition
    Carbon 0.03 Silicon 0.30 Manganese 0.30
    Chromium 12.00 Molybdenum 1.40 Nickel 9.20
    Aluminium 1.60
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