Diecasting Society Celebrate 50 years

20th October 2017.

Uddeholm presented at the Diecasting societies 50th-anniversary technical forum in Solihull, Birmingham.

The Diecasting Society was formed in 1967 to represent the interests of diecasting companies and suppliers to the industry through the promotion of technology while providing forums for discussion and debate. It works with further education establishments to better knowledge and push boundaries.

We are a proud member of the Diecasting society, therefore when we were approached to present at their technical conference we were more than happy to oblige.

Richard Oliver, the Uddeholm global product manager for hot work applications, travelled from the Uddeholm mill in Sweden to visit valued customers in the UK and present on technical developments for hot work tool steels.

Richard focused on new trends in Die Casting and most common die failures related to tool steel. After the event, Richard commented saying;

“The event was extremely successful with a great turnout from current society members. It was also great personally to see some old faces from my time in the UK.  It is important that Uddeholm continue supporting the diecasting industry in the UK as well as globally. Therefore we will be at the forefront of new trends and technologies such as structural parts and conformal cooling. Uddeholm continues to see growth in the diecasting industry and it is still today the biggest sector for hot work tool steel worldwide”.

UK Team win Logistics Award for Efficiency.

October 2016.

Our UK team based in Oldbury, West Midlands, proudly accepted the SHD Logistics Award for Warehouse Efficiency.

The new KASTO system is the tallest in the UK and one of the largest in Europe. With an average picking time of 6mins, orders can be picked and despatched the same day.

Value-Added solutions give our customers access to cutting, machining, bevelling, testing and other services providing turnkey customer solutions. This includes an onsite testing service, used when customers require additional certification to that supplied by the Mill.

The UK’s strategy is to be a one-stopshop and it looks like that’s exactly what we have achieved.


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