Component Business in UK to Continue Steady Growth.

We are delighted to appoint Scott Cottrell as the new component manager in an effort to strengthen our strategy to develop and grow this area of our business.

For generations, Uddeholm has been extremely successful in producing high-performance tool steel for the tooling industry. In later years Uddeholms focus turned to introducing a new product strategy, focusing on component areas where general engineering steels are deemed insufficient.

Using Uddeholms profile of HPS we saw a new generation of customers in all kinds of application areas such as; hand knives and industrial blades, dies and rolls for food production and animal feed, screws and barrels, Injection pressure systems, shafts and sockets and even shot sleeves for diecasting to name only a few… what we notice is our customers experience longer life of production with less maintenance and downtime plus savings on power and energy such as electrical output.

The UK sales team for Uddeholm saw a big market for component business and created a manager role. Since creating this role and appointing Richard Oliver in 2012 to Peter Suthons taking over in 2015, UK Component business has grown and become an important part of the structure in the UK.

As of April 2018, Scott Cottrell will take over as component business manager. Since November 2014, based in the south of the UK and looking after our customer base here, Scott has shown a keen eye for growing component business and is looking forward to increasing our portfolio. Scott has a background in manufacturing and has hands-on experience with several engineering competencies therefore has an understanding of how components work in challenging production environments.

“Having worked at Uddeholm for almost 4 years I feel that I have been able to gain a great knowledge of Uddeholm’s HPS range with access to many fantastic mechanical properties I can see how our customer’s production can be improved. I am excited by the challenges that lie ahead. I am learning alot from our customers day to day and together we can improve and prevent the common mechanical failures in everyday production and help increase the UK manufacturing economy”- Scott

If you have repeat challenges within your production such as high maintenance costs due to severe wear or corrosion, deformation, chipping or cracking etc… contact us to arrange a technical consultation and see how we can support you.

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