The leading edge in high performance machine knives and blades.

Uddeholm UK has teamed up with Precision edge Ltd to offer the best in performance for machine knives and blades. This collaboration comes from the mutual understanding that when combining the #1 in High-performance tool steel with the quality manufacture of a component and tight process control, the outcome is an “Edge above the rest”.

Precision Edge are a specialist manufacturer of quality industrial blades and machine knives. With over 25 years’ experience in producing blades and knives for a wide range of applications, gaining a reputation for supplying machine knives of the highest quality and industrial blades suitable for the most demanding applications.


Precision edge services include a variety of machine knife manufacturing and refurbishment services. CNC precision blade grinding, milling, and turning as well as offering vacuum heat treatment process in order to control the best treatment cycle for the material and component.

With a diverse range of services, catering for a wide variety of industrial markets including wrapping and packaging, newspaper printing, mail room production, food processing, recycling and much more, using Uddeholm’s technical experience with materials and application based steel profiles, we can tackle common failures of components in these tough production environments.

From corrosion to chipping, abrasive wear, plastic deformation or even dimensional stability, Uddeholm’s premium portfolio and patented brands can reduce the biggest environmental challenges, keeping downtime to a minimum.

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“Having worked with Uddeholm’s Powder Metallurgical steels for many years, we have a great knowledge of processing and manufacturing components with their range of premium Superclean® branded high-performance steel.

We have found that using Uddeholms HPS range and their knowledge of application based materials, that our components last in our customers production and retain their edge longer meaning our customers production will out-perform expectation and in turn downtime will be minimised, this is a concept that Uddeholm call Total Tooling Economy”.

Ross Candfield – Precision Edge Ltd

Contact Uddeholm or Precision Edge Ltd today in order to gain a more competitive Edge with your production.

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