Uddeholms 350th anniversary celebration

On Thursday June 28th, we had a great 350th anniversary celebration by the mill in Hagfors, Sweden. It was a blast!

Never have the city of Hagfors or Uddeholm had such a big event before. As many as 7000 people came and celebrated Uddeholm’s 350 years. The anniversary event included some of Sweden’s best and most popular performers, several of whom have made a big impact on the international scene in the same way as Uddeholm has done and will keep on doing for many years.

Performers included the world-renowned artist Zara Larsson, who rounded off the celebration in an excellent way after speeches by Uddeholm’s President Johnny Sjöström, the Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Innovation Michael Damberg and voestalpine’s Management Board Member Franz Rotter.

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us and we want to welcome you all in to the next 350 years!

Uddeholms 350th anniversary celebration
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