Uddeholm Shaping the world

    Uddeholm 350 years: Building the city of Hagfors

    Did you know we founded more than a company? Parallel to expanding Uddeholm in the late 1800’s, we built a town and formed a society. In 1873 when we started to build the new iron works in Hagfors, a small industrial community of both workers and builders with families soon started to form. And as the production and its surroundings expanded, we needed infrastructure to support it. Hence, we established roads and a railway to modernize transport of both products and people. When the iron works was opened in 1878, the infrastructure and the homes we built for our employees together constituted a small town that grew rapidly. Centuries later, our significance is still evident. In Hagfors municipal arms you can see Uddeholm’s first Bessemer chimney portrayed.

    Uddeholm 350 years: Building the city of Hagfors
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