Full speed ahead in the AM development

The equipment in the first step of the AM investment is up and running, both in the manufacturing plant and in the material lab, and the development of the first additive manufacturing product, Uddeholm AM Corrax, is coming along fine. We have atomized numerous batches with Uddeholm AM Corrax with good results and used that powder to print test pieces to be able to verify the quality of the powder.

So far the everything looks good, the quality of the powder itself looks to be slightly better than our competitors and the mechanical properties of the printed parts are in line with what was expected. Next step in the development is to send powder to some selected customers to try the powder in their printers as well as doing the first trials of printed tools in different applications. These first shipments left Hagfors to the selected partners during the first days of November.

But a lot of work remains, for instance to improve the yield in the atomizer and to qualify the powder to be used in more printers available on the market. We have also start looking into the next step of the AM development which is an AM-powder for hot work applications and an updated version of the Uddeholm AM Corrax with improved properties for plastic moulding applications and adopted to AM.

So it is still buy times to meet the very ambitious AM targets within Uddeholm, both in the short term with the launch of Uddeholm AM Corrax middle of next year but also the long term targets with a solid portfolio of AM products and a good business area for Uddeholm. And  the big interest from our customers as well as the AM market in general helps to bring energy and inspiration but at the same time you feel the expectations from the market and the need to deliver.

But we also see that the AM market is maturing and that the worst hype have past so the Uddeholm strategy with a big application focus still feels like the right way to go and we also see that there are not many other companies with that approach so with a quick and well performed realization of our plans we have big chances to succeed and be the major player on the AM-market that we are aiming to be.

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