Asian Launch of Uddeholm Idun in Taiwan

September 18-19 a group of representatives from ASSAB Singapore as well as the ASSAB sales companies in Taiwan, South China, Japan and Korea gathered for the Asian launch of Uddeholm Idun.  Uddeholm Idun is the awaited addition to the tool holder concept. Uddeholm Idun is the first and patented corrosion resistant tool holder grade on the market. It is also pre-hardened to 42-46 HRC. The launch training, which was hosted by ASSAB Taiwan, completed the launch of Uddeholm Idun. In March a similar workshop was held in Frankfurt for our European and American focus markets.

Ulrika Mossfeldt and Göran Skoog from the Component Business team presented both the technical and marketing & sales aspects of Uddeholm Idun and the tool holder concept as a whole (also includes Uddeholm Bure and Uddeholm Balder). All the participating markets and Kyle Martin from ASSAB Pacific also presented their current activities in the segment and their rough plans for the future.

We hope and think that several of the participating sales companies will be successful on their respective markets with Uddeholm Idun and the tool holder concept.

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